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About Us

FOOD FOR KIDS is a nonprofit organization founded in St. Joseph, Missouri by Kenzie and Shelia Gilbert to address food insufficiency in children in that area. They were heartbroken to see children hungry and their passion began to address food insufficiency by providing lunches during summer months. Within a year and with the support of community partners, churches, and volunteers.


In 2007, Kenzie and Shelia established a 501(c)3 status for FOOD FOR KIDS.   Even before the filing, they were already serving the community and feeding children, families and the homeless. The Pandemic created an additional hardship and many lives were lost, including Kenzie Gilbert, Shelia’s beloved husband. Even in the midst of her own grief and a global pandemic, she continued to serve and grow the organization in Missouri, until another unfortunate event happened; her mother had a debilitating stroke which left her unable to care for herself. 


Shelia made the decision to move back home to take care of her ailing mother but her passion to serve the hungry remained. Once at home, in the area that she grew up in,  she began to see struggling families and children in the same situation that she left in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Since she obtained her 501(c)3 status in Houston, she has been serving lunches to in the Hiram Clarke and surrounding areas twice a week.  She is presently seeking to expand to at least 5 days a week to ensure that no child or family suffers from hunger. 

Although well established in St. Joseph, Missouri, she began building in Houston, Texas and seeking sponsors, donors and supporters to assist in her efforts. Food insufficiency is a real challenge for many families in the area and affects health, education and overall well-being.  By addressing this basic need, Shelia can ensure that children focus on enjoying childhood and remove the stigma of hunger and poverty, one child at a time. 

FOOD FOR KIDS provides more than just food but outdoor activities to involve children in expressing themselves through arts & crafts, painting the street etc. Our organization welcomes sponsors to provide mattresses to needy families and women just out of prison.

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