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It is our prayer and goal to get rid of these old canopies (to the left). Our existing canopies are not very durable and have to be set up every event which is very time consuming --- taking away precious time that could be contributed to food distribution and other children activities.


We need some Shade Canopies like the ones shown in the Illustration to the right and used on park playgrounds, 

etc. When the kids are out of school during the hot summer months, these Shade Canopies will absorb direct sunlight and keep our precious little ones from the negative effects of the sun. These Shade Canopies are free standing structures that are supported by four durable steel posts and cemented in the ground.

We are at non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

E.I.N. 27-1716329  

Illustration: (Shade Canopies)

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